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    If you get audited, Here are some tips to help shorten your audit.

    You can shorten your audit process if you take time before your appointment to review the list of records needed and to organize your records.

    What if someone else prepared my return?

    If you had someone else prepare your return, you may wish to contact your tax preparer for any notes or work papers used.

    What records do I need to bring?

    Please look at the list attached to your letter to see which items on your tax return are being audited, and which records we suggest you bring with you. Also bring any work papers or notes used in preparing your return.

    How should I organize my records?

    Review your records for each item being audited as shown on the list attached to your letter. Pull out the specific records needed to match the dollar amount shown on the tax return. Summarize and group your cancellation checks, receipts, and invoices by item being audited.



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