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    Connie has been doing tax preparation and bookkeeping over 30 years. She has the certification of C.I.T.P. which is:

    Certified Individual Tax Professional

    Not every preparer continues their education to earn this certification. A good preparer goes to school year round just to keep up with the many changes IRS makes. The reading requirement is staggering, but, a good preparer stays current.

    Samantha is working to complete her accounting degree at the local college. She is well schooled in the principles of accounting and knows her way around a spreadsheet.

    Blitzen is going to classes to learn how to be the best Office Greeter ever. She has a ways to go yet, but, she is still just a baby.

    The Reception Team consists of several people who are all well seasoned in Customer Service. Please remember, they are not preparer so they will not answer any tax questions for you.

    The Soldiers in the picture are all family:

    Left—oldest nephew TJ, Desert Shield, Desert Storm

    Middle—Father, WWII, Korean, Deceased

    Right—youngest nephew Chad, Persian Gulf

    All served with honor and were honorably discharged from the United States Army.

    This was Corki, the Office Greeter for 16 years, 6 months. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge.








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    It is planned to send one email each week, so if you would like to stay up to date on taxing issues, email us with your request to be included.



    Constance M. Roberts, C.I.T.P.

    Samantha Courneya, Bookkeeper

    3421 S. Dye Road * Flint, Michigan 48507-1009
    810-733-8299 * Fax 810-733-8522


    Office is located on the East side of Dye Road, 1/4 Mile North of Miller Road